I'm all over the web trying to catch the eye of someone anywhere, so hit me up. I love hearing what you think!
It takes a long time to go nowhere.

It's a Pirate's
Life for Me...

Wine, women, and song. If it sounds like a recipe for disaster, it's probably because it is. Catastrophe, at least. That's the whole point, though. Enter Cap'n Steve. I play the acoustic guitar until my fingers literally bleed, and I sing badly. This is my corner of the web: the black lung lagoon. So yeah, "yo ho ho and a bottle of rum" and all of that...

Les Paul guitar

Songs From the
Bottom Shelf

I've been writing music for forever now, but now it seems like it all might come to something bigger. That is the hope anyway, right? Life is a gamble, why not make the stakes high? I've been spending my soul and time like money writing music. My hope is that you can tell by taking a listen.

Like what you hear? Everything I have out is for sale on Bandcamp. Of course, it will always be free to just listen. I also have CDs for sale at shows.

Wanna book a show or something? Get in touch with Jonathan Spivey by calling (864) 992-3701 or through Facebook, or get in touch with myself.

All the info on my upcoming shows are to your right. All kinds of info on other awesome people can be found at East Main Coffee Shop's Facebook page.

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